Why You Should Install Radiant Insulation in Your Home?

Radiant Barrier Attic Insulation

Your home’s energy efficiency can be greatly enhanced when you add radiant foil (also known as a radiant barrier) to your traditional attic insulation in San Antonio. What are the uses of radiant foil? When hot, heat migrates to cold spots. It’s more important to be concerned about the heat leaving than the cold entering a cold climate. With any insulation, the aim is to reduce heat loss, a process known as “heat loss.”. Radiant barrier insulation San Antonio reduces heat loss by decreasing radiant heat loss, and it reduces what is known as “convective looping.” Conventional insulation involves air movement. You will see a decrease in R-value as your airflow increases.

In addition, radiant insulation has other benefits. In addition to being lightweight and easier to install, there is less cleanup as there is less risk of tearing or spillage, compared to old-style fiberglass insulation. It is imperative to consider each product’s safety as well. It is mandatory to wear appropriate protective clothing and gear when working with fiberglass insulation due to its hazards to the skin, lungs, and eyes. Radiant barrier insulation, however, is completely safe to handle and wear and does not require additional clothing.

3 amazing benefits that America Air Duct Cleaning says about their services for radiant barrier insulation San Antonio.

Benefit #1: Humidity does not affect radiant barriers.  A radiant barrier is unaffected by hot air or moisture since it reflects heat away from the surface.  Perforations in some radiant barriers allow airflow and prevent moisture buildup.

Benefit #2: There are no harmful particles emitted by radiant barriers that can get into your lungs (like fiberglass).  When handling conventional insulation, it may cause irritation to your skin, eyes, and respiratory system.  It is recommended to wear protective clothing, gloves, eye protection, and breathing protection if in doubt about the effect of the insulation.

Benefit #3: In addition to adding R-value, radiant barriers enhance thermal efficiency.  Up to 97% of radiative heat can be reflected by radiant barriers.  Double-sided radiant barriers are typically covered with material in their center that adds R-value and provides thermal resistance.

At America Air Duct Cleaning, we offer both radiant barrier and insulation installation in San Antonio. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.

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