Why the Attic is Key to Insulate an Old House?

Did you experience colder winters last season? Does your house have an older structure with an attic? If your house has it, you need to look into adding proper insulation to your home.

Some common issues with insulation:

  • Rodent activity
  • Old insulation
  • Radiant barrier installation
  • Vapor barrier installation
  • Low inches insulation which not by the code etc.

The insulation heat loss of your home tends to lead to paying a higher bill than cutting down on it. To keep your home warm in the winter seasons, you have to invest in insulating your attic.

Why the attic?

Whether it is a small or big gap that leads up to your attic, warm air will find ways to go up. Besides that, the pressure in the area with warm air will increase. That pressure and the lower pressure from outside can pull the warm air through any gap you can find on a cold day.

The high air pressure, on the other hand, will create low pressure at the bottom at the top of the house. The cold air is pulled in for these different air pressures, thereby turning your home frigid. Energy experts call it the stack effect.

When do you understand that mildew or mold is in your air?

  • Allergies-If you have allergies reactions when you are in the home more than when you go out, check the attic
  • Mold Scent-If you perceive an odd smell or scent in your home, it is a sign of mold growth
  • Water Leakage-if you see signs of water leakage in the ceiling or wall, it is a sign of the problem with the attic insulation

If you notice any of these signs, call a professional attic insulation replacement company to remove the damaged attic insulation and give your home brand new attic insulation. Get in touch with Air Duct Cleaning company today for the high-quality insulation replacement project. We are a professional insulation company serving San Antonio.

Who to hire for insulation services in San Antonio?

Air Duct Cleaning should be your choice if you are looking for an insulation replacement company in San Antonio. We have professional crews that will come to inspect your insulation and will take care of any issue if needed!

Why Hire Us for Your Insulation Services?

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