Why does a Crawl Space Need a Vapor Barrier?

vapor barrier installation

Apparently, a vapor barrier may seem trivial. As we needn’t spend any significant time in our crawl space, so we hardly care about it – whether it is damp or smelly. You may think that there is a layer of flooring and insulation between you and the crawl space, so it is enough. 

But this is not the fact. A vapor barrier that is also known as a moisture barrier actually provides the bare minimum protection in your crawl space. 

America Air Duct Cleaning San Antonio has been repairing foundations and waterproofing crawl spaces for over decades. We are trying to help you avoid expensive repairs to your home. Without proper care and maintenance, your foundation can sustain significant damage. 

Here are 3 reasons why vapor barrier installation is necessary. 

Keep moisture away: Thanks to a vapor barrier, your home will remain dry as it prevents dampness. Vapor barrier installation creates a divide between the house and water in areas with much moisture in the soil.  

Prevent wiring danger: The HVAC ductway, electricity, and metal exist in a crawlway. That’s why it is recommended to install a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from getting in contact with the electrical cable, thereby causing an electrical shock with the metal in the ductway.

Make home drier: If your home is damp and smells musty, those can be originating from outside. There could also be issues with mildew and mold and that can experience allergic reactions. With a vapor barrier installed, moisture will not be able to enter your home.

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