What are the Top 5 Benefits of a Radiant Barrier Insulation?

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Radiant barriers keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  Adding radiant barriers to your attic system can significantly improve insulation performance, improve insulation comfort, and reduce wear and tear on heating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.  A radiant barrier has a number of benefits, as discussed in this article.

Benefit #1: Humidity does not affect radiant barriers. A radiant barrier does not absorb heat due to its ability to reflect it away from the surface. Air can circulate freely and moisture is prevented from building up when radiant barriers have perforations.

Benefit #2: There is no possibility of particles getting into your lungs with radiant barriers (like fiberglass).  Irritation may result from handling conventional insulation.  Whenever possible, wear protective clothing, gloves, eye protection, and breathing protection when handling insulation.

Benefit #3: 

To boost thermal efficiency, radiant barriers add to the R-value. Radiant heat can be reflected up to 97% by the reflective insulation. Materials that provide R-value and thermal resistance like traditional insulation are usually used in the center of a double-sided radiant barrier.

Benefit #4: The quality and/or R-value of radiant barrier insulation in San Antonio will never degrade, unlike traditional insulation.  The R-value (capacity to impede or slow heat transfer from warm to cold) decreases over time with traditional insulation.

Benefit #5: Attics and crawl spaces can benefit from radiant barriers where existing insulation is installed.  Further, radiant barrier insulation in San Antonio will usually increase the R-value of existing insulation, depending on the type.

You will still need mass insulation if you install a radiant barrier. Besides absorbing radiant heat, it also aids in improving the thermal efficiency of mass insulation and preventing conductive and convective heat transfer.

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