UV Air Sanitizer System Installation Services in San Antonio

UV Air Sanitizer

For a number of reasons, a UV air sanitizer system installation is necessary. Some of them are improved air quality, odor control, AND elimination of unhealthy particles in the air. Homeowners prefer ultraviolet air sanitizer installation to humidifiers because of their efficacy in the first place and their small size, occupying little to any space. All the more, traditional air purification methods use filters to trap large particles while UV air sanitizers use actual UV light to eliminate even the smallest particles that can lead to serious health concerns.

Typically, an air conditioner system can trap many particles that come into the home, but not all of them. Experts also estimate that indoor air quality in many homes is worse than outdoor air quality. Smog, dust, dirt, and grime float around outside. UV air sanitizers use UV lights and that sanitizers are installed directly into the AC system to kill particles like mold, bacteria, and viruses.

HVAC UV sanitizer systems also don’t require homeowners to change an extra filter like they would do while using an air purifier. However, they will likely have to replace the light bulb or bulbs every two years or so.

The benefits of UV air sanitizers are numerous. Installed in the AC system near the coils typically, the UV light is used to kill harmful particles at the source so they don’t have a chance to enter the air.

As UV air sanitizer systems do a good job of eliminating airborne particles and are also great for people who have allergies, lung problems, or are immunocompromised, these systems are great for people who want to breathe cleaner air, particularly to improve sleep and who suffer from allergies. HVAC UV light installation can help them breathe easier. 

Who needs HVAC UV light installation

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