Top Reasons for Replacing Your Vapor Barrier and Installing New One

Vapor Barrier and Installing

A vapor barrier protects a structure from mold, moisture damage, harmful gases like methane and radon, insect and rodent infestation, and also increases energy efficiency. From crawl space, about 40% of air is pulled and that air is circulated throughout your home. That’s why a clean vapor barrier installation can help maintain healthy air for your family to breathe.

Air is responsible for several respiratory issues in children. So, it is important to ensure a properly installed sanitary vapor barrier.

When do you need to replace your vapor barrier?

It will be no exaggeration to say that this plastic pipe vapor barrier under your home serves multiple purposes and comes with so many benefits. Having that said, there are also a few reasons as to why you may require

The plastic under your home serves multiple purposes and has many benefits. There are, however, a few reasons that may require the replacement of an existing vapor barrier.

Damage to the vapor barrier

To ensure that you vapor barrier is performing at its best, it is important that 100% soil coverage is achieved. Effectiveness can become reduced if there are any rips or tears and that would potentially leave your home and family at risk.

Hire vapor barrier installation contractors to patch even small rips and other intrusions. Sometimes, installing new vapor barrier throughout the crawl space is recommended if small spots of exposed soil are found out.

Rodent infestation

Rodent infestation can prove fatal. It can lead to the removal and replacement of your home’s vapor barrier. Rats and mice defecate and urinate frequently and 80% of this fecal matter can end up on top of your vapor barrier. That gradually exposes you and your family to diseases and various harmful pathogens.

When you need vapor barrier installation in San Antonio, hire professionals for best results from America Air Duct Cleaning.

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