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America Air Duct Cleaning Services offers radiant barrier installation to prevent heat from the sun in Texas during summers. The foil-based insulation is designed specifically for roofs, reflecting excessive solar energy and preventing it from reaching your attic or any other part of the home that may be unhealthy due to its high levels of humidity outdoors on sunny days when temperatures soar over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius). 

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Radiant barrier is never affected by moisture, vapor or humidity. It reflects heat away from the surface; so, hot air or moisture does not have any effects on it. Conversely, radiant barrier is a reliable insulation material.

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Radiant barrier complements the existing insulation in the crawl space or attic. It will also add R-value to the existing installation.



Unlike the conventional insulation materials like fiberglass, the radiant barrier does not emit dangerous particles that can get to the lungs. Besides, it does not cause eye, skin, or respiratory system irritation.

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Radiant barrier is a type of insulation installed in attics to prevent summertime heat gain in addition to reducing the energy required for cooling and ultimately have lower utility bills. Radiant barrier is made up of extremely reflective material that would instead of absorbing the heat, reflect it. Meanwhile, it may not reduce the conduction of heat as the other insulation materials do. 

There is always a transfer of heat from a warm area to a cool area through one or more of radiation, convection, and conduction. For effective prevention of heat gain, it is best that the radiant barrier installation is perpendicular to the radiant energy reaching it.

Radiant barrier installation is complicated and needs to be done by a professional. Besides, the radiant barrier installation should be done in such a way to reduce dust accumulation on its surface, because dust reduces the reflective capability of radiant barrier. 

The sun heat up the roof, and the heat is transferred to the side of the attic by the roofing materials through radiation to the less warm attic surface as well as the air ducts and attic floor. Installing radiant barrier works to reduce the transfer of the radiant heat from the roof’s underside to other surfaces in the loft.

Radiant barrier, especially in the climates, helps to reduce the heat gain and transfer to the air ducts installed in the attic. When used in hot climate areas, a radiant barrier is capable of reducing the cost of cooling by 5-10%. 

Proper installation of radiant barrier is crucial to its effectiveness; as a result, it is best to use a professional installer who understands the required building and fire codes and safety precautions.

Radiant barrier can be installed in both new and old homes and any existing house with an open attic. A lot of safety precautions is required for installing a radiant barrier in the attic with electricity cables installed. A radiant barrier should not be installed directly on top of the attic floor installation.

If you are searching for a radiant barrier installation company, contact us today; we guarantee high-quality radiant barrier installation following the best practices and safety codes.

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