Attic Roof Solar Fan Install

Attic Roof Solar Fan Install

An attic solar fan is a great way to reduce electric costs and improve the comfort of your home. Hire a professional contractor to ensure the project is done correctly. 

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Solar Attic Fan

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Why Should You Install An Attic Roof Solar Fan?



A solar attic fan installation is a great way to reduce extreme heat buildup in your attic. Solar fans can help keep your home cooler and more comfortable by circulating air and drawing heat out of the attic during the hot summer.

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Longer Lifespan Of AC

Adding an attic roof solar fan might assist in longer the life of your roof and air conditioner. Solar-powered attic fans can help to remove heat and moisture from your attic, which can otherwise lead to premature deterioration of your roof and AC unit.


Lowers Electricity Bills

Solar fans for your attic can help lower your electricity bills. These fans are designed to keep your attic cool, which can help reduce the heat that transfers into your home and raises energy bills.

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What Is An Attic Roof Solar Fan?

A solar attic fan is a piece of equipment that aids in air circulation in the attic. An excellent attic solar fan improves the energy efficiency of your house by removing hot air and moisture, preventing mildew, preserving your roof, and saving money.

An attic solar fan is powered entirely by solar energy, so there is no additional expense to using one, making it an ecologically beneficial option.

Why Does Your Attic Need Effective Venting?

Regarding appropriate attic efficiency, air circulation and venting are critical variables. During the summer, temperatures in your attic may exceed 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature in the attic may be decreased by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit if sufficient ventilation is provided. 

Installing an efficient attic solar fan may significantly enhance ventilation and air circulation in your attic. In addition, it allows your furnace and air conditioner to work less and provide better results with less energy.

Pros And Cons Of Attic Roof Solar Fan

Pros of Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans provide many advantages for you and your house. These are some examples:

Keep Your Attic Cooler

Heat accumulation in your attic not only radiates to the living areas below in warmer regions but may also damage your house’s roof, insulation, and structural integrity. The increased heat forces your air conditioner to work harder, increasing energy expenses.

Attic Moisture Reduction

Summer heat and moisture may promote the development of fungus and molds in your attic while also causing structural damage to your house.

Going Green

Solar attic fans are ecologically beneficial since they harness the sun’s power without electricity. As a sustainable energy source, your solar attic fan will help you minimize your carbon impact while saving you money.

Saves Energy

Solar power, also known as photovoltaic electricity, is free and may assist in cutting your energy costs by forcing hot air out of your attic. These fans are also low-maintenance and simple to install and maintain. 

On overcast days, you don’t need an attic fan, and with solar attic fans, you only use energy when you need it, on the warmest, sunniest days of the year, at no extra cost.

A Wise Investment

A solar attic fan is a beautiful investment that will make your house more pleasant while lowering your energy expenses. Solar attic fans can give an aesthetic advantage of a sleek, seamless low profile design that demonstrates environmental concern and energy savings.

Cons of Solar Attic Fans

While there aren’t many, solar attic fans do have a few drawbacks, including the following:

More Expensive Than Traditional Models

Solar attic fans are more costly than standard fans at first, but the energy savings outweigh the initial cost over time.

Most Houses Need Two

In most houses, two solar attic fans are required to move the air and increase energy savings.

Require Direct Sunlight

Solar attic fans need direct sunlight since the sun is their energy source. Because your solar panel needs direct sunshine, cloud cover, shade trees, and dust may obstruct functioning.

How Do Attic Roof Solar Fans Work?

An attic roof solar fan circulates air continuously throughout your attic. As a result, stagnant warm air is vented out, allowing fresh cool air to enter, a process called air exchange.

During the summer

An attic roof solar fan operates throughout the day, driven entirely by the sun, collecting warm air from your attic.

During the hot summer months, temperatures in your attic may reach 160°F or more. An attic roof solar fan works by evacuating this hot air and bringing the temperature of your attic closer to the outside ambient temperature.

An attic roof solar fan is powered entirely by solar energy, drawing in outside air via existing static and soffit vents. The attic fan will remove hot, humid air via the fan and produce a steady exchange of air in your attic by drawing from this external air source.

During the winter

Warm moist air rises inside your house during the cooler winter months and collides with the chilly underside of the roof. An attic roof solar fan circulates the air, preventing moisture from accumulating on the surface and keeping your attic cooler and dryer.

Installing an attic roof solar fan will make your living area more comfortable and protect your roof, frame, and attic from excessive heat and moisture.

Where Should A Solar Attic Fan Be Installed?

Because your solar attic roof needs optimal sunshine to function, choose a location on your roof that gets the most sunlight. Generally, the South or Southwest side is favored. 

Mark a 19″ opening in the wall where you want the fan to go. This is the opening through which your solar attic fan will fit and function to remove the heated air from your attic.

How Long Do Attic Roof Solar Fans Last?

Solar attic fans are an excellent investment since they offer enough attic airflow to cool your house and may endure for up to 20 years. Hiring a professional to install your solar attic vents can improve their longevity, saving you time and money.

How Much Do Attic Roof Solar Fans Cost?

The cost of installing solar-powered attic fans runs from $700 and $1,800, depending on the size of your attic space. If your attic is completed and huge, a carpenter will likely propose adding fans to cool your room adequately. If your attic is tiny, one fan may be plenty.

Remember that this work may be more or less costly depending on where you live in the nation. 

In general, hotter, southern regions tend to cost more due to the number of fans required to finish the installation process, while northern locales may be able to get away with just one fan, costing you less.

Complicated wiring or fancy shingles may add to your home’s construction cost.

Attic Fan Install


An attic roof solar fan does not require maintenance. It is a self-contained unit that uses the sun’s energy to operate. All you have to do is maintain the space surrounding the fan clean of debris.

A solar attic fan could be worthwhile if you live in a warm climate. These fans can help ventilate your attic and keep your home cooler, saving you money on energy bills. Solar attic fans are also relatively easy to install and require little maintenance.

Solar attic fans are powered by the sun and must be exposed to sunlight to work. On the other hand, other types of attic fans may be used at night.

Both solar and electric fans have advantages and disadvantages. Solar fans are solar-powered, making them both ecologically friendly and cost-effective. They may not perform as well in gloomy or overcast settings. Electric fans are not as environmentally friendly but more reliable in all conditions.

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