The Best Experiences in San Antonio, Texas

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Check out the best experiences in San Antonio, Texas has to offer! San Antonio, TX is a bustling city with much to do and see. Whether you’re visiting with your family, friends, significant other, or on a solo adventure, there’s something for everyone in this hip and happening city. 

The Best Experiences in San Antonio, Texas to do!

Radiolab San Antonio, TX Detour

Get ready for an audio tour that will completely replace those dull museum guides with something much more interesting. This audio experience, which Radiolab produced, guides you through downtown San Antonio, TX using location tracking. Along the way, it also educates you on numerous San Antonio, TX landmarks and focuses on the true story of a serial killer who prowled the city’s streets in the year 1885. Furthermore, after downloading the Detour app and putting on your headphones, get ready to go on a journey through time. The trip lasts for a little bit longer than an hour, and the optimum time to go is between 12:30 and 5 o’clock from Tuesday through Sunday.

Tittie Bingo

This isn’t your grandmother’s bingo. It blends poker with porn. Porn parody. After a few rounds of bingo, winners participate in humorous, compromising actions on stage for wicked prizes. The night ends with a funny edited porn parody visual round. The free event is 21+, so leave your scruples at home. Moreover, tuesdays at 10pm, the Highball hosts a game.

Tittie Bingo San Antonio, Texas

Laguna Gloria

3809 W 35th St, San Antonio, TX 78703, United States


This 14-acre property overlooking Lake San Antonio, TX previously belonged to Stephen F. San Antonio, TX, the “Father of Texas” and San Antonio, TX’s namesake. Clara Driscoll‘s renovated 1916 Italian-style villa is now Contemporary San Antonio, TX’s second campus. Peruse the Gatehouse Gallery as well as the Betty and Edward Marcus Sculpture Park for permanent and contemporary art.

Laguna Gloria San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, TX Kite Festival

2207 Lou Neff Rd, San Antonio, TX 78746, United States

The San Antonio, TX Kite Festival began in 1929, making it the longest continually running community kite festival in the U.S. Originally a tournament to stimulate children’s creativity, the festival was initially hosted in Lamar Park. The event has been held in Zilker Park since 1936.

San Antonio, TX Kite Festival San Antonio, Texas

Quarry Lake

San Antonio, TX 78759, USA

San Antonio, TX has plenty of swimming holes, but we bet many don’t know about this one up north. Behind Pure San Antonio, TX Fitness on Braker Lane sits Quarry Lake, a private lake. Good news: You don’t need to be a member to swim; just get a day pass. Whether you want to swim the complete 750m course or just relax, Quarry Lake is a terrific swimming destination.

Quarry Lake San Antonio, Texas

UT RecSports Adventure Trips

2001 San Jacinto Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78712, United States

San Antonio, TX’s 300 sunny days and many parks make it a great outdoor playground. UT’s adventure trips have included caving, rock climbing, as well as stand-up paddleboarding. These trips are open to Longhorns and non-Longhorns alike (students get a discounted deal), and they’re provided in the autumn and spring to also coincide with the university’s semesters. Furthermore, you can go canoeing in Big Bend or trekking in Hawaii.

UT RecSports Adventure Trips San Antonio, Texas

Party World Rasslin’

10615 Metric Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78758, United States

What happens when you mix drama and improv? Theatrical wrestling league Party World Rasslin’ holds slams at 4th Tap Brewing Co-Op. Instead of charging admission, PWR funds its events through Indiegogo campaigns, so you can save your money for tasty beers. So-called party athletes in outrageous costumes bring good vs evil stories to life for all ages to enjoy. Now this keeps San Antonio, TX bizarre.

Party World Rasslin' San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, TX Steam Train

401 E Whitestone Blvd C-100, Cedar Park, TX 78613, United States


San Antonio, TX Steam Train offers an old-fashioned alternative to the city’s traffic. The trains conduct round journeys from Cedar Park, and you may also choose which historic car to ride. The 66-mile Hill Country train excursion includes a stop in Burnet for a staged gunfight (weather permitting). The Beer Train, Murder Mystery, as well as the North Pole Flyer are among their themed rides.

San Antonio, TX Steam Train San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, TX Duck Adventures

602 E 4th St, San Antonio, TX 78701, United States


San Antonio, TX Duck Adventures is one of the most popular tours and the only land and water tour. The tour begins at 4th and Red River in downtown San Antonio, TX. It travels along 6th Street, up Congress, where you can see the Texas Capitol, and into Lake San Antonio, TX, where you float before returning. 7-day-a-week tours.

San Antonio, TX Duck Adventures San Antonio, Texas

The Escape Game

405 Red River St, San Antonio, TX 78701, United States

This is San Antonio, TX’s best escape room, and it’s located in the heart of the city just adjacent to the San Antonio, TX Visitor Center. You and your pals will have to cooperate in order to solve puzzles, locate clues, and triumph over obstacles in order to ultimately fulfill a mission and ESCAPE! Moreover, there are a total of five unique adventures available to play in The Escape Game. These include The Heist, Gold Rush, Playground, as well as Classified, with our personal favorite being Prison Break.

The Escape Game San Antonio, Texas

Lake Travis Yacht Rentals

17141 Rocky Ridge Rd, San Antonio, TX 78734, United States

Boats tied together at Devil’s Cove create a dance floor that rivals San Antonio, TX’s top nightclubs. Lake Travis Yacht Rentals captains gather their 4 yachts and 12 pontoon boats to establish party island in Devil’s Cove. 40-foot yachts are spacious and contain a freshwater bathroom. Single or double-deck pontoon boats are also available. All boats have captains, floating pads, pool noodles, as well as coolers. Lake Travis and Devil’s Cove are San Antonio, TX’s best daytrips.

Lake Travis Yacht Rentals San Antonio, Texas

Pub Crawler of San Antonio, TX

1607 W 6th St, San Antonio, TX 78703, United States

Green America loves pedal power. Ride a PubCrawler to save the planet. These rides have electric pedal assist as a stamina backup. Your downtown tour can include bars, murals, and food trucks. Bachelor and bachelorette parties love private tours, but public tours are a terrific opportunity for locals and visitors to meet new people.

Pub Crawler of San Antonio, TX San Antonio, Texas

Skydive Spaceland

517 Airfield Rd, Fentress, TX 78622, United States

Skydiving, possibly the world’s most adrenaline-packed activity, has always wowed thrill-seekers. Skydive Spaceland makes you feel like cloud dancing. First-timers fly tandem, where they are tied to an expert who deploys the parachute for them if they are having too much fun. Even more, it’s perfect for bachelor/ette parties, weekend trips, and dates. It’s the first step to skydiving solo and touching the clouds. Live life fully!

Skydive Spaceland San Antonio, Texas

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