Why a Vapor Barrier Installation by America Air Duct Cleaning is so Important?

vapor barrier installation in San Antonio

Are you aware that all mobile and manufactured homes are built above the ground to some degree? Moisture may penetrate this area, allowing mold and fungi to grow.  A vapor barrier is a necessity in Florida since humidity levels are so high and storms are so frequent.

Pests can also invade this space, tearing through the existing vapor barrier and nesting in the insulation in your mobile home or manufactured home.  In addition to causing damage to your mobile home, this can also decrease its efficiency.  Several pests, such as ants and roaches, nibble away at wires under mobile or manufactured homes, causing unnecessary damage.

The greatest enemy of your floor is moisture.  If that is the case, over time, it can often prompt dangerous mold growth and fungi to form (and I don’t mean the “fun guy” at your last social gathering).  Consequently, your manufactured or mobile home’s air quality can become poor.  A serious health issue can be caused by indoor air pollution, especially if a family member has serious respiratory issues like asthma!

A new vapor barrier installation in New Braunfels by America Air Duct Cleaning Company is beneficial to limit health risks to you and your family.  Mold and fungus cannot grow if moisture is not kept out.

Moisture poses obvious health risks, as well as weakening structural supports in your home and causing soft spots on the floor.  The soft sports problem becomes a hole if it is not addressed.  Mobile homes or manufactured homes can be damaged in an expensive way.

Having your mobile or manufactured homes underbelly “dressed for success” by America Air Duct Cleaning Company is just one of the reasons for having your home’s air ducts cleaned.  Our free estimate and inspection just make sense with a free* inspection.  Having a vapor barrier problem with your manufactured or mobile home can be a cause for significant discomfort, and America Air Duct Cleaning Company can communicate with you responsibly about any issues you may be experiencing.

The vapor barrier installation in New Braunfels by America Air Duct Cleaning Company, combined with insulation repair/replacement (if needed), can help you save money and make your home more comfortable and liveable.

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