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Are you planning to replace your old insulation from your attic or walls? Insulation replacement may be required before retrofitting or re-insulation. So, if you need insulation removal and replacement services for your home or commercial building in San Antonio, make America Air Duct Cleaning your first call.

When do you need attic insulation replacement or removal?

You may be wondering at what point one needs an attic insulation replacement service. There are some tell-tale signs that would say your insulation is no longer working as designed. 

  • Water Leakage, when you see the signs of water leakage in the ceiling or wall, it is a sign of the problem with the attic insulation
  • Allergies, when you have allergic reaction, check the attic
  • Mold Scent, when you perceive odd smell or scent in your home, it is a sign of mold growth

Again, when your insulation is wet or stringy looking, it means it has lost its ability to prevent thermal transfer that may lead to higher energy cost.

Compression works negatively for attic insulation. But, the insulation in an attic tends to compress over time. In addition, the air pockets blended with the insulation will provide much of the r-value of your attic insulation. Pets may also be contributing to poor insulation quality. Plus, mice, squirrel, and raccoon droppings can also cause health and or allergy problems. As a result, it becomes imperative for you to ensure that there is no toxic that can be inhaled in the attic.

Why choose America Air Duct Cleaning for insulation replacement service in San Antonio?

America Air Duct Cleaning has a long experience in replacing and removing insulation from homes and commercial buildings. We can remove old or damaged insulation and replace it with new, high-quality materials. We have trained and certified insulation replacement service professionals who can choose the right solution for your project and thereby reduce your energy bills and help you live more comfortably year in and year out.

Contact Air Duct Cleaning, a reputed insulation services company in San Antonio, that can address all kinds of insulation issues and will do the best job for you! They can ensure that you get the best services you deserve. 


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