How Often Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Air ducts tend to collect debris even if they have the best filters. You will get the particles that escape through the filter or enter the system through other means. So, you should not remain under the misconception that because you have a filter in your system your ducts will not require cleaning service.

If you live in an area that has high pollution and is surrounded by windy and dusty construction, get ready to see that your ducts will collect particles. And that will gradually clog them up, and reduce the air quality in your home when you turn on your HVAC system.

On average, air duct cleaning should be conducted every two to five years. You can increase the time between professional cleanings if your system is properly taken care of and you exchange your filter twice a year. Unless your system is cleaned in between and still active for more than three years, it needs to be cleaned immediately. Just a single season can build up enough dust and debris in your system and that can make it less efficient than it was when it was first installed.

You may know that HVAC air duct cleaning does not take much time. However, you should schedule a sufficient timeframe to get your duct fully cleaned before you start using your HVAC. The right time to have your ducts cleaned is either in the spring or in the early fall. It is when you have stopped using your HVAC system to cool or heat your property and prior to starting using it again.

When there is a strange smell coming out of the system, you should get your system cleaned immediately. See some more situations to consider air duct cleaning.

  • Bacteria growth
  • Dust
  • Air leaks
  • Damage duct system
  • Bad smell
  • Black texture around the ceiling vent

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