Energy-Efficient Radiant Barrier Insulation for Year-Round Comfort

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The temperature in your attic may vary greatly. In attics with leaks and inadequate insulation, a substantial amount of conditioned air escapes. In addition, a lack of insulation makes the home more vulnerable to extremes of temperature.

A lack of attic insulation in the spring and summer can be just as harmful to your budget and comfort as inadequate insulation in the fall and winter.

Your roof gets a lot of sunlight when the temperature rises. Whenever the roof absorbs sunlight, the attic becomes heated like an oven. Heat transfer can be significantly reduced using proper insulation, such as radiant barriers.

The Radiant Barrier (Reflective Insulation)

Aluminum foil backed by plastic or cardboard forms radiant-barrier insulation that is reflective and reflective.

Insulation of this type performs best in warmer climates, but can also be used in colder climates for comfort and energy savings. In order to reduce radiant heat flow from the outside in, as well as from the inside out, the radiant-barrier insulation is installed between the roof rafters, floor joists, and wall studs.

What are the benefits of radiant barriers in winter?

In addition to preventing winter heat loss, radiant barriers also keep out the sun. Radiant barriers and other reflective insulation systems reduce radiant heat flow, rather than slowing down conductive and convective heat flow.

Radiant heat from your ceiling and roof escapes most of your house during the winter. When you properly install a radiant barrier within your home, you can prevent that heat from escaping.

What are the benefits of radiant barriers in the summer?

The majority of the heat in your attic is absorbed by radiant heat from the underside of your roof on hot days. In warm climates, radiant barriers are best suited to attic air ducts. When used in a warm, sunny climate, radiant barriers can cut cooling costs by 5% to 10%.

In the event of a colder climate, it’s best to improve your thermal insulation with blow-in fiberglass first. Thermal resistant insulation with a high R-value will work best as radiant barriers.

If you replace your HVAC system, you might even be able to choose a smaller air conditioner if you improve attic insulation.

Benefits of Radiant Barrier Insulation

  • Provides warmth during the winter and protection from solar radiation during the summer.
  • Solar radiation is blocked by up to 97%.
  • Up to 30oF reduction in attic temperatures
  • The attic is a great place to locate HVAC and duct systems, which improves energy efficiency and lowers utility costs.
  • Easily and efficiently heats and cools. As a result, your HVAC equipment requires fewer repairs and will last longer.
  • More control overheating, ventilation, and humidity.
  • Heating and air conditioning that is more comfortable and precise.
  • The HVAC system can be smaller and cheaper.
  • You do not need to maintain it.

Having radiant barrier insulation in San Antonio properly prevents heat transfer, reduces HVAC workload, and keeps the temperature and humidity in your home at their ideal levels.

Professional Installation Is Required for Radiant Barriers Insulation in San Antonio

The most effective way to insulate your attic is with radiant barriers and a qualified HVAC team. As well as inspecting your attic for air leaks, you might ask them to seal them.

America Air Duct Cleaning offers radiant barrier insulation in San Antonio that ensures greater comfort and energy savings by deflecting the radiation from the sun.

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