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Cleaning the air in your commercial building is crucial for your employees’ and customers’ health. For a number of reasons, breathing pure air is important. Whether a building is for commercial or residential use, indoor air quality should be tested every two years. There are several cleaning services that can help you clear the air. Air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and hood cleaning are some of the commercial air duct cleaning services America Air Duct Cleaning offers. These services are especially useful for restaurants and laundromats.

An air duct cleaning is beneficial for every commercial building. To ensure maximum performance from your HVAC system, professional San Antonio commercial air duct cleaning services companies like America Air Duct Cleaning will clean literally every inch of your ducts. Your entire building will eventually get its air from the HVAC system. Ducts are cleaned by blowing high levels of positive air pressure into them and brushing anything that is clogging them away with soft bristles. During the cleaning process, negative air is used to balance the positive air. As a result, the cleaning process maximizes the cleaning power and prevents particles and contaminants from being returned to the building. It is possible to treat surfaces with chemicals alongside this cleaning method.

Cleaning the hood is particularly important for restaurants. A clean hood not only reduces insurance costs but also improves system performance! The technicians will check the exhaust systems for grease buildup, and they will thoroughly clean it out. Having a clean and safe business significantly reduces the chances of fire.

For businesses such as laundromats, commercial air duct cleaning is very important. Cleaning dryer vents is a regular maintenance service that can enhance the performance of machines and reduce the risk of fire. With this maintenance service, dryer productivity will also increase.

A high level of indoor air quality is important. Clean hoods and dryer vents not only help you and your employees stay healthy as well as reduce the likelihood of fires. America Air Duct Cleaning, a professional San Antonio air duct cleaning company, can improve the productivity of your appliances, improve breathing, reduce energy bills, and prevent problems like mold and moisture.

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