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If you’re thinking about moving to Austin, Texas, then it’s important to be aware of some of the things that make this city unique.  From its rich history to its vibrant culture, Austin has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike. So if you’re looking for a place that’s full of excitement and opportunity, then Austin is definitely worth considering.


Things to know before moving to Austin

Military City USA

Austin, affectionately known as ‘Military City USA,’ is home to numerous military sites and employees. Joint Base Austin is the area’s major military base, consisting of Randolph Brooks Air Force Base, Fort Sam Houston, and Lackland Air Force Base.

Austin is home to 300,000 active military members and the sole Level 1 Trauma Center in the US Defense Department. There is no better location in the country for veterans to relocate to than Austin, which has 15 VA hospitals within 50 miles.

Joint Base Austin
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Affordable Housing

Although Austin is not a small city, it is frequently compared to its larger metropolitan neighbors,   Dallas, Houston, and Austin, which can be more expensive. In comparison, the cost of living in Austin is substantially cheaper—12% lower than the national average. 

The median home price is $121,100, and the median rent is $882 per month. Looking for the greatest Austin neighborhoods to buy a property in? Singles and young professionals like areas like Alamo Heights, Tobin Hill, and Monte Vista, whereas families prefer Northwest Crossing, Terrell Hills, and Oak Park-Northwood.

Austin TX Homes
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If you’re moving to Austin to further your education, you’ll find a plethora of options. The University of Texas at Austin offers a team-oriented college experience, while Texas A&M University-Austin is the city’s sole Purple Heart University. 

Private school nursing, law, engineering, and business degree programs are well-known at private schools such as St. Mary’s University and Trinity University, while community colleges such as Austin College and Mt. Austin College are excellent places to obtain vocational and technical degrees before entering the workforce. Whatever type of education you want, Austin institutions provide unforgettable experiences!

Texas A&M University-Austin
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Many people relocated to Austin because of the city’s abundant sunshine. Sunlight falls on the city an average of 220 days each year.

Austin Riverwalk
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Fall – In Austin, every year will feel like an Indian summer. Temperatures are lower in the fall than in the summer but significantly higher than in other parts of the country. Early October temperatures can reach 90 degrees, and by the end of the season, typical lows are in the mid-fifties. 

WinterWinter in the city is called “jacket weather,” but don’t worry, the area never experiences snowfall, and temperatures remain moderate in the forties and mid-sixties.

SpringSpring is one of the rainiest seasons in Austin, which is noted for its mild weather, with typical temperatures ranging from the upper sixties to the early seventies. 

SummerSummer temperatures are unquestionably hotter and more humid than at any other time of year, but this makes it the ideal season for aquatic sports.

Job Market

Those who have relocated to the area in search of better work have made a wise option! The Austin area’s job economy is thriving. Biosciences, renewable energy, and manufacturing are among the industries experiencing the most rapid growth in the area. Lackland Air Force Base, Fort Sam Houston, Camp Bullis, and Randolph Air Force Base are among the military bases in Austin.

Opportunities exist in other business sectors as well, with the supermarket chain H.E.B. employing a sizable staff. The national insurance business USAA and the Northside Independent School District are two more big employers. While the median average income is slightly lower than the national average, the unemployment rate is also slightly lower.

Northside ISD Teachers
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Family Friendly Attractions

This magnificent 56-acre zoo is nestled in the tranquil Brackenridge Park and attracts over a million people per year. The Austin Zoo’s various displays include 750+ species and 3,500+ animals. Africa Live, the newest addition, features an underwater viewing area for hippos and Nile crocodiles. For bird enthusiasts, this zoo is home to the world’s second-largest aviary.

This bustling zoo allows visitors to look in awe at the magnificence of the animal kingdom from the safety of viewing platforms, while also providing tourists with numerous opportunities to interact with the exhibits and learn about the zoo’s conservation initiatives.

Austin Zoo
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Low cost of living

Despite being one of the most populous cities in America, the cost of living in Austin is 8% cheaper than the national average. When compared to similar-sized cities (San Diego and Philadelphia), the low cost of living becomes even more astounding. Living in Austin is 13% cheaper than living in Philadelphia and 78.5% cheaper than living in San Diego.

To that end, if you’re moving to Austin for a major metro area, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Groceries, utilities, healthcare, personal care, transportation, and dining out are all less expensive here. It’s difficult not to enjoy that.


You’ll need a car if you live in Austin because everything is spread out and public transportation is unreliable. Before you buy, factor in the expense of owning and maintaining an automobile.

No need to be concerned; three main interstates run through Austin, making commuting throughout the city a snap. The primary freeways that help to alleviate traffic flow in Austin include I-10, which runs east towards Houston and west into El Paso, I-35, which runs north towards Austin and south towards Laredo, and Round 410 and Loop 1604 which both form a complete loop around the city.

Austin Highway
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