Is it Worth it to Replace Your Home’s Air Ducts?

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Air Ducts are an important part of your home’s heating and cooling system. They help distribute air throughout your house so that you can stay comfortable year-round. If you’re considering replacing your air ducts, we’re here to help. We’ll show you why it’s worth the cost of hiring professional installers, and which reasons aren’t as important as they might seem at first glance.

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What are air ducts?

Air ducts are a network of pipes that distribute air throughout your home. Their purpose is to deliver fresh air to your vents and remove stale air from your home. Air ducts can be made of sheet metal, fiberglass, or plastic. The type you have in your home will depend on the age and condition of the system, along with the climate where you live.

It’s no easy task to clean an air duct.

Cleaning air ducts is no easy task. First, you need to remove the ducts from the home and then clean them with a vacuum and brush. You also have to disinfect them with an EPA-approved disinfectant. After that, it’s time to put them back in place—and hope that they’re still working properly.

When Should Air Ducts be Cleaned or Replaced?

Before you decide to replace or clean your ducts, take some time to consider the cost of both options and how they will affect your family’s health. You should also consider the lifetime of the ducts, as well as their energy efficiency. Consider how much you use your home, too—if you live in a non-air-conditioned part of the country and are only in town for a few months out of the year, having new HVAC systems installed might not be worth it.

The air ducts in your home are actually quite good at cleaning themselves, which means that there might not be a need for them to be replaced unless they’ve been damaged or worn down over time. In fact, many homeowners will simply use a vacuum cleaner on their vents when they need some extra cleaning power. However, if you have pets in your home, then you’ll probably want to clean them more often than other families.

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Consider cleaning your air ducts first

If you notice a change in the air quality of your home, it might be worth getting them cleaned by professionals. If mold is growing inside the vents or if there are signs that rodents have been inside the vents then it is time to get them replaced. If you notice an increase in your heating and cooling bills, but don’t know why then this could be because of clogged filters or dirty vents. It’s important to keep up with regular maintenance so that these issues don’t arise later on down the line! The older an air duct system gets, the more likely it will need replacement at some point due to wear-and-tear caused by regular use over time (especially during peak seasons like summer when we’re all running our AC units 24/7).

Reasons to replace air ducts

There are numerous reasons why you should replace your air ducts. It can vary from home to home or from what area you’re from but there are general reasons that you can consider as guidelines. Here are a few of them:

  • Air ducts can become damaged over time.
  • Air ducts can become clogged with dust and debris.
  • Air ducts can become infested with pests, like mice or termites, who may build nests inside the air vents themselves.
  • Air ducts can become moldy if they’re not properly cleaned on a regular basis or if there are leaks in your home’s roofing system. This can cause allergies and breathing problems for those living in your house, especially if you have asthma or other sensitivities to mold spores.
  • Finally, workmen might accidentally damage the air ductwork while they’re installing new heating systems or plumbing fixtures in your basement—or even while they’re working outside of the house altogether.
  • If you suffer from asthma or allergies, it is important to consider the medical benefits of replacing your air ducts. Dust, mold spores, and other allergens can be released into your home through the HVAC system and affect those with sensitive lung conditions. If you have been experiencing symptoms related to allergies or asthma and have had your HVAC unit inspected recently, chances are there’s some build-up in the ducts that needs attention.

How to know when it is time to replace your air ducts

Aside from possible reasons as to why you should replace your air ducts, there are also immediate tell-tale signs that you should have them replaced instead of cleaned. Here are just a few of those signs:

  • The ducts are too clogged with dust, dirt, and debris 

When your ducts are too clogged the quality of the air that you breathe will suffer. This can happen when the filter is not changed regularly. You can set a regular time when to check or have them cleaned so it won’t have to reach the point of being clogged. However, if you notice that it is clogged, call the professionals to replace this at once. 

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  • The ducts are leaking or damaged 

If there are any leaks in your heating/cooling systems, then it could cause further damage to the system over time if left unchecked and this will cost more money down the road as well as energy loss in heating/cooling costs which means higher utility bills for consumers during winter months when they need their heaters working at full capacity all day long or even using air conditioners on hot days with high humidity levels which means higher electricity bills due to increased use of fans running constantly throughout the day. 

How much does it cost to replace an air duct?

The price of replacing an air duct will vary depending on the size and location of your ducts, but it could cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000. If you hire a professional to do this work for you, expect to pay more; if you do it yourself, though, you may save some money.

If your home’s HVAC system is old and outdated or has been damaged by mold growth or other issues (such as water leaks), then having new air ducts installed is definitely worth considering. Newer systems will use less energy than older models and are better at filtering out allergens that can affect your health. In addition to being healthier for everyone in your household—including pets—they’ll also help keep utility bills low while providing reliable cooling during hot summer months when everyone needs it most.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, consider having your existing ductwork inspected by a professional before making any decisions about replacements. If there are no leaks in the system or if all your filters are clean and working properly, then it may not be worth it to replace everything just yet!

Does a dirty air duct affect the efficiency of my HVAC system?

If you’ve had your air ducts cleaned recently, you might be thinking that there’s no need to replace them. But it’s important to remember that dirt and dust build up on the inside of your air ducts over time. This can cause mold growth, which can then impact the health of your home. In addition, a dirty air duct may cause your HVAC system to work harder — and thus use more energy — in order to keep your home comfortable. In fact, an older home with an older heating/cooling system might do better with new ducts than upgrading the entire HVAC system itself.

Replacing your air ducts could save you money in the long run

Replacing your air ducts can save you money on energy bills and  HVAC system costs. It may require a bigger amount of money upfront compared to just having them cleaned but the maintenance costs will go down since it is a new vent, you will have cleaner air, which will, in turn, help you save money from medical bills. Having a new vent is more cost-efficient so it’s definitely something you would want to consider if you want to save money in the long run.

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So, is it worth it to replace air ducts? If you’re unsure about whether or not your system needs to be replaced, give us a call and we’ll help you decide what’s best for your home.

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