3 Tell-tale Situations When You Need Services of an Insulation Replacement Company

You may want to replace your attic insulation if you live in an older home or are experiencing some of the issues we describe below. Replacing attic insulation can increase home comfort and energy efficiency when your home has insufficient or damaged insulation.

For homeowners, determining whether or not attic insulation needs to be replaced and the benefits that new insulation could provide is often key information when determining whether or not the job should be undertaken. From a draughty house to continuously rising energy bills, you’ll want to keep an eye out for these signs that you need to replace your attic insulation.

#1: Infested attic

Attic rodent infestations can be devastating to space. The attic is a great place for rodents to live because they are sheltered from the elements, kept warm and dry, and have a lot of fun nesting materials like insulation or stored things.

Don’t put off dealing with a mouse infestation in your attic if you suspect it. The longer a mouse infestation persists in an attic, the more widespread and extensive the damage becomes.

#2: The growth of mold

Attic insulation should be removed and replaced if mold is visible on the insulation material or other surfaces, like the framing around the ceiling plane.

A moist environment is conducive to mold growth. Without moisture, mold will not grow. You should pay special attention to the surfaces in your home that are susceptible to mold development since it can affect the quality of the air and damage the structure.

Mold and mildew can be detected by these symptoms:

Check the attic if you have allergic reactions more often at home than when you are outside.

Odd smells or odors in your home may indicate mold growth.

Leaks in the ceiling or walls indicate that the attic insulation is faulty.

#3: Dust or dirt on your insulation

It may not be obvious to you, but your attic’s air quality affects a variety of areas throughout your house. Attics with vents can become covered in dust and debris as time goes on. Your insulation will also become dirty from this dust. 

Although dust accumulates in your attic, it contains contaminants that can enter your home. It has been found that attic dust contains environmental contaminants dating back well before the building of your home. If you inhale heavy metals, they can be harmful to your health. 

Although you may have made an effort to clean the rest of your attic, your attic insulation will still hold on to contaminants. You might want to consider replacing your old insulation if your attic is dusty or dirty. For older homes, you can likely thoroughly clean the attic, too. As a result, our team recommends having your dirty insulation removed and the attic space thoroughly cleaned by professionals at America Air Duct Cleaning, a reputable insulation replacement company in San Antonio. You should immediately contact a professional attic insulation replacement company if you notice any of the above signs. This will assist in removing damaged attic insulation from your home and installing brand new insulation in its place. We can replace your damaged attic insulation in no time. Let us take care of all your insulation needs. 

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