3 Reasons Vapor Barrier or Vapor Diffusion Retarder Installation is Necessary

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In most U.S. climates, vapor barriers are usually a part of a moisture control strategy for a home. A vapor barrier is a material that lowers the rate at which water vapor can move through a material. Vapor barrier is also known as “vapor diffusion retarder” that is more accurate. 

The ability of a vapor barrier material is measured in units known as “perms” or permeability. 

How does a vapor barrier work?

When the internal walls are built, the vapor barrier is usually installed. The vapor barrier prevents walls from moistures, from the inside. It is most useful in areas of the home experiencing higher moisture levels, like the bathrooms and basements. 

See here 3 reasons why you should install vapor barrier:

#1: Keep moisture away

A vapor barrier keeps home dry by preventing dampness. Vapor barrier installation can create a divide between the house and the water in areas with much moisture in the soil. 

#2: Prevent Wiring Danger

The crawlway has the HVAC ducts, electricity, and metal. That’s why it is recommended to install a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from entering into the electrical cable and thereby causing an electrical shock with the metal in the ductway. 

#3: Make Home Drier

You can see that when your home is damp, it may smell musty. The problem could be from outside elements. There could also be other issues with mold and mildew. You can also experience allergic reactions, but with vapor barrier installed, moisture will not be able to enter your home.

Who to choose for vapor barrier installation in San Antonio?

It is always recommended to hire professionals for best results when you need vapor barrier installation. Remember that installation of a vapor barrier is an investment that helps to prevent damages to your home and problems to your health.

Contact Air Duct Cleaning, a reputed insulation services company in San Antonio, that can provide you with the best vapor barrier installation services. They can ensure that you get the best services you deserve. 


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